Book Review: Trust In Me

Julia had always been the friend that Livy turns to when life was difficult. United 18 years ago by grief at the brutal murder of Livy’s sister, Kara and they’ve always told each other everything =-or so Livy thought. So when Julia is found dead in her home, Livy cannot come to terms with the news that she chose to end her own life. The Julia that Livy knew was vibrant and vivacious, a far cry from the selfish neurotic that her family seem determined to paint her as. Troubled by doubt but alone in her suspicions, Livy sets out to prove that Julia was in fact murdered.

As you can probably imagine. This blurb and the tagline had me hooked from the beginning and it’s clear from early on that Sophie McKenzie has written a page turner. Usually, I read on the way to and from work but I couldn’t stop reading! I read walking, I read brushing my teeth – I just wanted to know what was happening and why.

I definitely found that after turning the last page there were still some unanswered questions but, despite that usually frustrating me, I think it increased my love for the book. I didn’t need to know it like I usually would. I was content with the ending and that says a lot in itself because as far as endings go, I’m usually quite difficult to please.

I found that the only drawback to this book was that I felt that it lacked some description. Although all characters were very three dimensional, I found that the physical descriptions of the surroundings and characters was quite lacking. I have a very vivid imagination and I did find myself filling in all of the blanks but I wonder if what I had in my head was exactly what the author would have liked. I think it’s hard to produce a good description of a location or a person without it being a bit mundane but I felt that I had to work to picture it more than I knew what Sophie would have wanted me to be imagining.

I’d recommend a read, and it’s definitely a page turner but if you struggle to put your own interpretation on things, you may struggle with this read.


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